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12 signs that you need help with your ecommerce

By May 13th, 2020No Comments
  1. You are new to the role and you want to some really quick wins or need to fix the basics
  2. You keep changing things but your conversion rate is static or declining
  3. Your analytics reports just show you trends but don’t tell you what to do and in what order
  4. You think you’re wasting money and time but you don’t know where or why
  5. You have multiple agencies or internal people telling you that what they’re doing will provide the biggest uplift
  6. You’re not big enough to afford the big technology systems you need to identify the gaps
  7. You don’t have enough analyst time so your analytics aren’t useful, they’re just reports you rarely action
  8. You don’t have enough resource to be able to effectively audit what isn’t working
  9. You don’t know what to do first, you have no clear indication of the value of doing one thing before another
  10. You feel like you know things are broken in your ecommerce customer journey but you don’t know where
  11. You’re under pressure to hit targets but don’t know where to effectively focus budget, time and resource
  12. You don’t run a 90 day programme of change so when you get to year end you just start over

There you have it, twelve reasons, one for each month of the year as a reminder.


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