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Ecommerce Growth Toolkit

Budget and Forecasting.

Learn how to understand if you have the right sales forecast and what your marketing budget and channel split needs to be to drive maximum ecommerce sales.
We have built a marketing budget and forecasting tool, which allows us to use your data, understand changes over time and recommend what your budget should be to achieve your business goals and targets.

How we create your budget and forecasting recommendations

– Does the amount of data and channel options of where to spend your budget overwhelm you?

– Do you struggle to pull together a forecast using your data, but looking forward to year on year growth?

budget and forecasting
Better understand what your marketing budget needs to be, based on your channel performance, sales targets and forecast.

Step 1 – Get the data

We access your Google Analytics and extract your traffic and ecommerce revenue data. We break this data down into channels and device to understand a detailed picture of your business.

Step 2 – Understand the impact

We evaluate your year on year performance to build a growth or decline picture of your business. We do this across all of the sources of traffic by device. We look at the current traffic and highlight the forecasted traffic and revenue numbers. This also provides you/your agency with KPIs.

Step 3 – Identify the areas of opportunity

We then build you a budget picture to show you what is achievable overall.  We compare this to your sales target to highlight any gaps and to set expectations.  The budget then looks at the right channel mix (how visitors will come to your website) how much this will cost and expected revenue performance.

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Getting a grip on Data and Measurement to accelerate your Direct to Consumer ecommerce sales

With 280 pages in total our book is full of actionable material and a foreword by Avinash Kaushik.
We have created a series of tools to help you understand, measure and grow your ecommerce business. These include:

  • Defining your digital measurement maturity

  • 4 x Cheat sheets for improving your ecommerce measurement

  • A full glossary of over 60 metrics, understand what they mean and why they are important

  • Practical scenarios for diagnosing your ecommerce website

  • Common campaign measurement mistakes and challenges and how to overcome them.

How we identify the Sales and Marketing opportunity of your website.

Our analytics engine uses your data from Google Analytics to understand your current and historical marketing performance.  This data allows us to initially create a forecast and then create your recommended marketing budget. Below are 4 examples of how we have done this for other clients.

TASK: Know the current performance and gap.

SAMPLE QUESTION: What is the number of new customers I need to acquire to deliver against my target?

budget and forecasting

TASK: Define the budget by area

SAMPLE QUESTION: What should my acquisition vs retention budget be for my direct to consumer business?

budget and forecasting

TASK: Set the target revenue and visitors

SAMPLE QUESTION: How many visitors do I need to monthly to bridge the gap to my goal?

budget and forecasting

TASK: Create the acquisition and retention plans

SAMPLE QUESTION: What channels will I need to deliver my acquisition number and at what cost?

budget and forecasting

See how we can help you shape your marketing budget.

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