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Ecommerce Growth Toolkit

Content Marketing Metrics.

Learn how to analyse your content marketing metrics. We have built a content marketing measurement tool, which allows us to understand the commercial impact your content marketing is having on your website.

How we analyse your content

– Are you struggling to measure the impact your content is having on your website?

– Do you want to know where to invest your time, to create content which is going to have the biggest impact?

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Understand the impact your content has had on visitors

Step 1 – Get the Content Marketing Metrics

We get access to your Google Analytics and look at the journeys where content has been viewed. We identify the content marketing metrics and outcomes on your website linked to those who view or do not view content.

Step 2 – Understand the impact

We compare the number of content vs non content visitors. We then analyse the performance of the content visitors against your businesses’ digital metrics such as add to cart or checkout completion. This will give us a picture of your content marketing metrics.

Step 3 – Identify the areas of opportunity within your Content Marketing Metrics

We identify the impact content marketing is having on your business. We identify the type of content you need to create, where to deploy that content and where you need to invest in content to maximise your visitors behaviour.

How we measure your content marketing performance

Using your Google Analytics data, we can identify your content marketing effectiveness. Below are 6 examples of how we can diagnose from content on your website.

TASK: Understand user buying behaviour.

SAMPLE QUESTION: How many visits does it take before someone purchases?

content marketing metrics

TASK: Benchmark content vs non content users.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Do content visitors come back more often?

content marketing metrics

TASK: Define the proportion of content visitors

SAMPLE QUESTION: How much of your audience reads your content?

content marketing metrics

TASK: Measure user performance.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Do you content visitors convert more than non content visitors?

content marketing metrics

TASK: Know which content works well.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Which content is driving sales and should we get behind?

content marketing metrics

TASK: Realise how to share your content.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Which social network is best to use to drive sales vs awareness?

content marketing metrics

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