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4 Things Need To Know About Digital for Senior Leaders

Read our glossary which aims to describe all the digital terms for senior leaders

About the Digital Glossary

We wanted to create a digital marketing glossary for senior leaders. We struggled to find content which was aimed at business leaders, with simple, jargon-free, non technical descriptions.

To help categorise the terms we split them into 4 different types. The Digital Glossary will have a term will have an associated Type next to it, so you know what that term is relates to.

Below is the description of these 4 Types.

However, if you want to just get stuck in, just click the button below and we will take you to the full Digital Glossary so you can find the term you are looking for.

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The 4 types of digital terms explained

These types are shown next to the term within the glossary.

Business Performance

What things does it cover?

The terms which you can use to measure your digital business performance. These terms are only related directly to performance for example revenue or conversion rate.

Purchasing Intent

What things does it cover?

These terms are those which show users have showed a likelihood to make a purchase. These terms will only include purchase behaviours such as Add to cart or cart completion.

User Behaviour

What things does it cover?

These are terms related to behaviour of visitors who come to your website. These typically are wider ranging but include terms like bounce rate and page load time.

Product & Content behaviour

What things does it cover?

These terms relate to users who have engaged with or purchased products. Or they have engaged with content on the website. Terms include Most popular products, Highest grossing products, most popular content or trending content

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