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We Are Crank helps you grow your business.

Business growth acceleration and benchmarking.

Crank it up.

You run an online transactional (Ecommerce) business and need to identify which media and channels generate the most profit and reallocate budget accordingly.

You merchandise an Ecommerce site and need to understand which product categories and price point are relevant to your audiences, to increase conversion.

You’re a B2B organisation and need to understand what media or content is generating leads, and if these are cost effective.

You have sales or marketing targets to hit, need to create an accurate forecast/budget for how you will perform across channels using your data and market trends.

your numbers up
Your Number's Up! - our book

Getting a grip on Data and Measurement to accelerate
your Direct to Consumer ecommerce sales

With over 280 pages our book is full of actionable material and Avinash Kaushik has kindly written our foreword.
We have created a series of tools to help you understand, measure and grow your ecommerce business.

These include:

  • Defining your digital measurement maturity
  • 4 x Cheat sheets for improving your ecommerce measurement
  • A full glossary of over 60 metrics, understand what they mean and why they are important
  • Practical scenarios for diagnosing your ecommerce website
  • Common campaign measurement mistakes and challenges and how to overcome them.

We’re sharp, yet blunt.

Sharply Focused on highlighting the Actions needed to Execute the those things that allow you to grow your business.

Blunt about showing you the Evidence by attributing a Value that points to Growth, Engagement and Loyalty.

Allowing you to focus on what’s important, maximising limited resource and budget whilst giving you back the time.

We put data and analytics at the centre which underpins your customer centric approach.

Data and Analytics provide the insight for decision making and when required the hypothesis for testing and learning.

We’re advocates of the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, the law of the vital few…focusing on the 80% of what needs to be done, with 20% of the effort.


Def 1. verb: Turn a handle in order to start an engine.

Def 2. noun: A person who is obsessed by a particular subject.

We’re a delightful mashup of the two.

Unashamed digital marketing and ecommerce nuts who Crank new life, new value and new growth into digital businesses just like yours.

Want to learn how you can
grow your ecommerce business?

Find out about the We Are Crank Growth Toolkit. It provides you with key actions that will grow your business. It is backed up by data and delivered as a monthly service.

The Growth Toolkit

4 areas that deliver growth

Marketing effectiveness

Who is it for?

Marketing and trading ecommerce teams.

Key Question?

“Have people reached you cost effectively?”

Where do the actions come from?

Diagnose media effectiveness and profit. Benchmark your digital channels and identify campaigns that are overperforming vs. underperforming.

marketing effectiveness
Content marketing metrics

Who is it for?

Creative, editorial and brand marketing teams.

Key Question?

“What content are people most engaged with?”

Where do the actions come from?

Show which of your content is contributing engagement and more importantly revenue and how content is effecting visitor behaviour.

content marketing metrics
Visual merchandising

Who is it for?

For merchandisers and heads of ecommerce

Key Question?

“What products are popular by channel or device?”

Where do the actions come from?

Understand which products and price point are relevant to your audiences by combining transactional information with digital behaviour.

visual merchandising
Budgeting and Forecasting

Who is it for?

For CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and heads of ecommerce

Key Question?

“How much do I need to invest and what is my expected return?”

Where do the actions come from?

Know your year on year change by channel, understand your businesses benchmarks, the expected revenue and where you should invest and how much.

budget and forecasting

What our clients say.

Conversion rate optimisation was a massive opportunity for us as a new start up but the problem we faced was where do we start. Then we partnered with weareCrank and bingo, we could immediately see the levers to pull to shift the needle. The partnership made an immediate and positive impact to our bottom line, I would definitely recommend them.”

Alex – CMO

“The Crank team were invaluable to us; they helped us solve a particularly complex issue with our analytics. From hiring to solution the fix came within days, and was thoroughly and patiently laid out for us (along with other suggestions to improve our reporting).”

James Robinson – Head of ecommerce
Rare Tea company

“It was a fantastic session and we’re extremely grateful not just for the hard work that clearly went into it, but for the fascinating insights that came out of it. 13 years into our journey it’s very rare that anyone tells us to try anything we haven’t already tried, but we came out of your meeting with a number of activities that, if actioned correctly, we can envisage showing a marked improvement in our sales.”

Adam King – Co Founder
King Allen

“I could not have been happier with the service from weareCrank. They dug straight into the heart of our data and we were astonished with the number of insights they unearthed. It is especially refreshing to find someone who can provide true, actionable insight, not just a list of statistics. We have come away with a shopping list of actions to take, prioritised against our business objectives – a neat “to do” list with clear financial values against each one – the kind of analysis that is invaluable for a busy team. Plus, they’re a real pleasure to deal with at every step”

Jude – Head of Marketing
Dennis Publishing

“Crank came in to help turbo charge our data proposition and offering. We were incredibly impressed by how quickly they got under the skin of our business. They were very collaborative in the way they approached the brief and gave us a great balance of new and innovative thinking and the feeling we were building the plan together. The final recommendations were insightful and clear, but they also gave as an actionable plan to deliver. Thank You Crank.”

Fiona – CEO

“Crank assisted us with an analysis and recommendations of our lead gen process and audience segmentation in one section of our business. They really understand data and analytics and the connection of lead to sale data flow and analysis. They worked with the team in the UK and US as well as external suppliers and are a pleasure to work with.”

Craig Hepburn – Global VP Digital Marketing & Brand
TATA Communications