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Growth Advisor

The Toolkit

for Ecommerce Growth

Just what you need to accelerate your ecommerce growth. Reduce the amount of digital data, reports and dashboards you have to mull over. Do things right, do the right things.

What you say...

I’m too busy to look at reports and try to figure out what I need to do to create uplift in sales and engagement, to enable true ecommerce Growth.

I don’t know if what i’m spending is effective or not and i’m not clear what benchmarks I should be using to achieve realistic ecommerce Growth.

I have ecommerce Growth targets to meet and little clarity on whether i’m doing the right thing in the right channel, page or content.

I need a solution which tells me what to do to create more sales (aka ecommerce Growth).

What we do...

We look at 4 things; Marketing effectiveness, Content marketing, Visual merchandising and budgeting and forecasting to assist your Ecommerce Growth.

We create Ecommerce Growth benchmarks for you to measure your own activity against not generalised industry benchmarks.

We provide a prioritised to-do list of content and campaigns aligned to channel or page which need to be optimised to enable your Ecommerce Growth.

We work with you or for you to highlight the numbers that will move the business in a positive direction and to obtain Ecommerce Growth.

90 Days to higher conversions using your data
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The Ecommerce Growth Toolkit

4 areas that deliver growth

Marketing effectiveness

Who is it for?

Marketing and trading ecommerce teams.

Key Question?

“Have people reached you cost effectively?”

Where do the actions come from?

Diagnose media effectiveness and profit. Benchmark your digital channels and identify campaigns that are over vs. underperforming to enable Ecommerce Growth.

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Content marketing metrics

Who is it for?

Creative, editorial and brand marketing teams.

Key Question?

“What content are people most engaged with?”

Where do the actions come from?

Show which of your content is contributing engagement and more importantly revenue and how content is effecting visitor behaviour.

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Visual merchandising

Who is it for?

For merchandisers and heads of ecommerce

Key Question?

“What products are popular by channel or device?”

Where do the actions come from?

Understand which products and price point are relevant to your audiences by combining transactional information with digital behaviour.

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Budgeting and Forecasting

Who is it for?

For CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and heads of ecommerce

Key Question?

“How much do I need to invest and what is my expected return?”

Where do the actions come from?

Know your year on year change by channel, understand your businesses benchmarks, the expected revenue and where you should invest and how much, to really enable your future Ecommerce Growth.

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What’s inside the Ecommerce Growth Toolkit?

Each of the 4 products above, includes the following in our monthly service:
  • A health check – to make sure you are capturing the right information
  • Analysis – based on the product (above) you select for that month
  • Actionable quick wins – Not facts and charts, but actions you take immediately
  • Benchmarks – A baseline and targets for your business and agencies to monitor and exceed
  • Live “Realtime” dashboard – Not another set of reports, but a common dashboard for us to jointly measure progress
  • 1 hour review – We walk through the monthly findings and recommendations
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People also ask...

What do you need to get started?

All we need is Google Analytics access and for you to choose which time period you want us to analyse.

This could be historic to understand historical performance, or for future planning by looking at what happened this time last year.

For merchandising analysis, ideally we need your product catalogue although this is not mandatory.

To understand what type of metrics are important to measure see our Metrics that Matter whitepaper, to understand metrics by job role.

Can you prioritise what we need to do first?

Yes. As part of the analysis, it is critical for us to understand the impact each recommended action could have.

Rather than give you 100 actions we give the most important action. The importance is based on the action which could give you the best Ecommerce growth in terms of revenue.

So you only focus on the immediate task in hand, which is going to have the biggest potential revenue impact.

What do you mean by actions?

We perform a detailed analysis, but do not simply send across a set of reports.

We interpret the results and provide you with a set of actions.

These tasks are things which you can action right away, in a language you understand as a marketer, merchandiser or content creator.

Do you just send us a report of your findings or actions?

No. Although you do get a copy of our finding we also provide you with a dashboard you can use to monitor your performance and Ecommerce growth, based on our recommended actions.

To help you understand in more detail what we found, we will debrief you for 1 hour to talk through the recommendations in detail.

We are also available for workshops if there is a wider team involved.

Do you just provide a dashboard?

Absolutely not! We provide a dashboard so you can monitor the key metrics and trends we have highlighted.

You will only get access to the dashboard once we have given your first set of actions.

How long does it take?

Once we have set up the analysis, which takes 3-4 days the first time, it only takes 1-2 days to provide you with your list of prioritised actions, benchmark and supporting evidence.

Is it available in my country?

We can analyse any Ecommerce site which has Google Analytics on it.

We are based in the UK, but can run the analysis on any website and will set up our debrief call at a time which suits you.

Do you work with Adobe?

We can work with Adobe Analytics, but there is an additional cost. Due to the custom nature of each and every Adobe implementation, we cannot cost effectively perform the analysis, without having to manually configure our analysis for Adobe.

Can you execute your recommended actions?

Yes we can. Quite often we find there are either internal teams or agencies who can implement our recommended actions. However we do also offer to execute the actions, depending on what technology and media you have in place.

What do you regularly get asked for?

Typically we get asked about growth in Ecommerce. Specifically people want to know the one thing is they should focus on to increase revenue. We also get asked about budgets and forecasting and to decipher all the digital mumbo jumbo, so we created a glossary for senior leaders.

Who we work with
  • Ecommerce businesses with a turnover >£100k
  • Google Analytics Ecommerce in place
  • A catalogue of more than 10 products
Who we don't work with
  • Brand only businesses who do not transact online
  • Businesses not running Google Analytics
  • Businesses already running established test and learn/conversation rate optimisation programmes
Stuck with data analytics or measurement?

If you don’t need an Ecommerce Growth Toolkit, but need to get going to measure the right things, we can help with:

  • Setting up your Ecommerce tracking, tags to measure website visitor behaviour and enable your media campaigns
  • Setup of Google Analytics to measure Ecommerce revenue and visitor activity
  • Creation of Ecommerce Dashboards to allow you to track performance, without the need for deep Google Analytics knowledge
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