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Our Ecommerce Research

2 areas to understand modern Ecommerce

Who is it for?

CMOs, CDOs and Ecommerce Directors

How will it help me?

Understand why budgeting and forecasting is important and how it varies across B2B and B2C organisations. Learn the activities from those who are doing it well. Discover the importance of how often you need to revisit your forecast and what difference it makes.

Who is it for?

Senior leadership team, managers and HR

How will it help me?

Learn what makes an agile culture and why is it important to have one in your business. Find out if an agile culture is something which businesses are doing today or is this simply a movement which hasn’t yet been adopted yet. Understand how you can start to create an agile culture in your organisation.

Our Ecommerce NEW Tools

2 tools to assess your Ecommerce maturity

Who is it for?

CFOs and Ecommerce Directors

How will it help me?

Want to know how good you are at forecasting and budgeting, then this is the tool for you. We assess your forecasting and budgeting maturity and compare you to others in the industry. We give you a bespoke plan broken down into 4 key areas. This will help you look at the different disciplines which make up marketing budgeting and how to improve in bite size steps.

Who is it for?

Ecommerce leadership and teams

How will it help me?

We have built a benchmarking tool. We have gathered data from a number of different industry sources and have build a tool which will allow you to compare your performance to a number of industries. We have started with Cost per acquisition and conversion rate.

Our Podcast

Our podcast to uncover the truth about digital

Digital Dirty Talk – The Podcast

Who is it for?

Anyone involved in Digital

How will it help me?

How it help you . . . it might not, but it will entertain you.

The show hosted by Ben Salmon and Marc Elmer (from War Monkey Digital) focused on the latest things in digital, a pop quiz and with a special guest.

Background reading

2 areas to understand data driven Ecommerce

Who is it for?

CMOs, Heads of Digital and Ecommerce Directors

How will it help me?

Why should I be measuring my business and what are the key things I should be looking out for? Is there one set of measures to rule them all, or can you break up the metrics for specific job roles?

Who is it for?

All senior leaders, who are non technical

How will it help me?

What does all this digital jargon mean and how can I learn about what it means? Is there a digital glossary which just gives me the definition, how it impacts my business and what I need to do next?

Training, coaching & consultancy

Training and Coaching

Who is it for?

Teams responsible for growth

How will it help me?

Help you understand and be able to talk in detail about the numbers and actions that matter. Providing clarity on building effective; benchmarking, KPIs and growth.


Who is it for?

Business leaders and those responsible for business growth.

How will it help me?

From clear strategic advice to operational measurement effectiveness and growth plans.

Ask today!

Digital Glossary for Senior Leaders

Digital glossary for senior leaders
Why Read it?

We set out to create a glossary for senior leaders. We wanted to answer the questions senior leaders ask us. No jargon, no technical terms, just plain english. We are growing our Digital Glossary over time. If you want to see the full list of terms click here.

Alternatively click the button below, to see our digital glossary in sections.

Guide to Marketing Budgeting and Forecasting

Marketing budgeting and forecasting
Why download it?

We partnered with London Research to understand how marketers approach forecasting and budgeting. We looked at spend and performance (including ROI) benchmarking, and specific KPIs and metrics used by marketers. It categorises business into legends or loafers and helps you identify which one you are, and what you need to do to change.

Ecommerce benchmarking tool

ecommerce benchmarking tool
Why benchmark?

Using industry benchmarks from a number of data sources we created an industry benchmark for ecommerce. This allows you to understand how much headroom or room for improvement you have.

We have build our first versions for Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and Conversion rate.

Forecasting and Budgeting assessment tool

ecommerce resources
Why take the assessment?

Using data from our Marketing and Budgeting forecasting research we decided to create an assessment tool. We wanted to create a tool rather than a report to help people assess their maturity and get a set of personalised actions, unique to them, to help improve.

Guide to Building an Agile Culture

Agile business culture
Why download it?

Working with Excel Unlimited we built a guide to the importance of creating an agile culture and harnessing the power of people in your organisation to find ways to be more adaptive, innovative and resilient in a fast-paced digital economy.

Metrics that matter

Growth toolkit
Why download it?

If you struggle with all the digital metrics and data out there then this is the whitepaper for you.

It will explain the metrics and why it is important to measure performance in your business.

It will also help you understand how different roles in your business use different metrics to measure their own performance.

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Define: Budgeting for Marketing –Read how to define your marketing budget and determine where it is best to spend your budget for the highest return. Use our 5 step plan to use your data to build your forecast.
Define: Cost per Acquisition (CPA) РRead about one of the most important metrics when setting your marketing budget. Understand if your website traffic is profitable  and how to diagnose the unprofitable channels.
Define: Average Order Value (AoV) – Learn about how much customers are spending on your website. Learn how to diagnose which channels are generating the best spend and how much to invest to drive traffic to your website.