The Forecasting and Budgeting assessment tool

Become a Marketing Budgeting Legend.

Do you struggle with creating a marketing forecast or setting your marketing budget? We have built a marketing budget assessment tool. This tool has been built to help you understand how you stack up against your peers and to give you a personalised plan to help you improve.

Understand your current forecasting and budgeting maturity in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 – Complete the budgeting assessment

Complete the marketing budgeting assessment, which should take you no more than 15 minutes. There is no limit to the number of times you can complete the assessment.

Step 2 – Receive your results in your inbox

Upon submitting the assessment we will email you your marketing budgeting results with your maturity score. This score compares you to the industry so you know how you shape up. 

Step 3 – Get your personalised actions

Read through your personalised plan. You will have your overall score and an immediate set of next steps. Furthermore there are 4 marketing budgeting disciplines, each with its own tasks, which are unique to you.

Find out how you measure up to others and take the assessment?

What are the marketing budgeting maturity levels and what do they mean?

bronze marketing budget


Only plan only on an annual basis and don’t use tools or benchmarks to measure performance & ROI or forecast ahead.

Silver marketing budget


Have started to do basic benchmarking and revisit their budget within the year based on performance, collaborating across the digital and non-digital channels.

Gold marketing budget


Regularly evaluate performance and ROI based on cost metrics and adjust budgets within a common channel approach.

Platinum marketing budget


Integrated teams using profitability metrics and benchmarks on a systematic basis to forecast and rebuild budgets regularly from the ground up across a synergistic digital and non-digital schedule, with results informing senior management’s strategic planning.

What the marketing budgeting assessment looks like

Your maturity overall

marketing budgeting
Your overall maturity score.
A description of the next level you could achieve. And the definition of the 4 different maturity levels and how they behave.
A review of what you answered overall and a description of your maturity profile.
A comparison overall of your maturity level, with that of the industry.

Your performance across the 4 disciplines

marketing budgeting
The four disciplines explained
Your score in each of the four disciplines
A recap of what you said in your answers, specicifcally in the selected discipline. This example is for Tools.
An industry comparison of your maturity score in the selected discipline.

Detail actions per discipline

marketing budgeting
Each of the four disciplines have their own specific recommendations based on the answers you gave.
The set of specific recommendations for you, within a given discipline. In this example there are recommendations for Tools.

Recommended next steps

marketing budgeting
The next level you could achieve.
The overall steps you need to take to improve. These are incremental looking to move you forward based on your current matuirty.

People also ask . . .

How will the marketing budgeting assessment help me?

Your assessment is tailored to you and your current maturity level. You do not get a generic report or research findings. You get a personalised set of prescriptive actions to help you improve your maturity level.

This is not only provided at an overall level, but at each of the 4 disciplines.

Can I see how I compare to others?

Yes you can. We created an industry benchmark based on research we previously carried out.

We have created an overall average which can use to see your maturity against others.

We also created specific industry averages within each of the 4 disciplines (measurement, tools, forecasting and budgeting).

Are the recommendations relevant to my answers?

Yes each of the recommendations are specific to you. There are over 120 different actions which we have created, but you will only see the ones based on the answers you gave.

You will have overall recommendations and specific actions within each of the 4 disciplines.

What are the 4 disciplines which make up my marketing budgeting assessment?

There are four disciplines that make up part of the marketing budgeting assessment.

1. Measurement: Using KPIs which help you understand web site profitability. Experts look at overall return on investment (ROI) by looking at both channel and device. They also have their results used by senior management to help shape the direction of the organisation.

2. Tools: Are technologies which help with the measurement and assessment of your performance compared to your peers/competition. Experts will use industry benchmarks and compare their results over time. They will also export their web analytics data and combine it with other sources to understand visitor behaviour.

3. Forecasting: Outlining how much revenue or leads, based on the forecasted traffic, you can expect in a given year. It helps you set you budget based on the forecasted traffic. Experts used outcomes based metric to help with their forecasting and they update the forecast regularly. Forecasts are created by looking at profitability overall to help derive traffic needed.

4. Budgeting: Defining how much you spend on marketing in a given year. What makes an expert is how the budget is defined, how often it is updated and the integration of offline and online activities into a single budget.

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