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Frequently asked Crank Questions.

Benchmark and Diagnostic

How long does it take for a Benchmark and Diagnostic?

The Benchmark and Diagnostic typically takes a few days, most of the process is automated, we present everything in PowerPoint so it’s easy to present upwards to senior staff, or agencies and suppliers.

Time is taken to ensure the right objectives for the business can be identified to validate if the organisation is meeting, or going to meet, its goals. This will then be played back to you over a 1-2 hour insight session (via call or face to face).

You can implement recommended changes yourself or we can help you.

What do I get?

You get three things in the form of a presentation deck (pdf) which we will run through with you:

  1. A health check which identifies what is wrong with your website today, with recommendations to remove poor quality or incorrectly categorised traffic through to identifying the right signals for visitor behaviour.
  2. A trend and performance overview which provides you an overview of how the business is performing over time and dispels myths by comparing media, devices and conversion through to cost per acquisition (CPA).
  3. A growth plan which helps you focus your budget, time and effort toward the biggest opportunity for your organisation, by focusing on tasks which will give you the greatest return.

I have a few sites can I undertake more than one at a time?

Yes you can. It’s checking the set up that takes the time, but once this is done we can run the audit monthly. We’ve done as many as 65 branded websites through to a single website.

How much is the Benchmark and Diagnostic service?

As a guideline, it’s a £5,000 for the first quarter (3 months), a little more if you have multiple websites or complex business objectives across many landing pages, but we can tell you this upfront, we won’t surprise you with hidden fees.

We suggest you run the service every quarter, but you don’t have to.

What do I need to do to get a Benchmark and Diagnostic started?

Once we have an understanding of what you’re trying to achieve, all you need is to provide us with ‘read only’ access to Google Analytics as you would any agency or analyst. You can speak to us first (fill out the form) so you have peace of mind in providing us with access. We can’t, and won’t, change any of your set-up so it’s hassle free and you can revoke our access at any time.

Growth Accelerator

Can I have just one service from the Growth Accelerator list of services?

Yes you can. It’s best to speak to us first so we understand what you’re trying to achieve and that what we provide meets your needs and those of the business. We can do this very quickly and there’s no hard sell, we’re more interested in longer term gains than short term ones, such as you referring us for having done a great job.

Typically how long do the services take?

Obviously every business is different but in our experience the following are a pretty good guideline of time allowances and they don’t need to run end to end in sequence, some services can run in parallel.

Proposition & Positioning

Allow approximately 2 weeks end to end. If you want us to undertake qual and quant research to inform the proposition you should add another 3 weeks.

Audience & Segments

Typically 4 weeks. We will undertake some competitor analysis as part of the service and we will need some additional access to customer data from you. If you need very specific segments you might want to allow 6 weeks in total.

Go To Market

Understanding the best channels to market and the processes involved in running content through those channels is very complex as is the internal processes that underpin it all. Allow a minimum of 6 weeks.

Measurement Framework

A measurement framework is essential for you to understand what to measure and what it therefore informs you change. If we know what the business is trying to achieve and we know the channels to market we can build a master framework to inform sales and marketing. Allow 2 weeks.

Structures & Functions

Allow 3 weeks minimum. Depending on the complexity and size of the current business and what functions already exist. If you’re starting from scratch it’s easier to define the required functions for an agile marketing team.

Why not Contact us today and we’ll set up a time to provide you with a better understanding of what’s involved and what you’ll get.

What do I get?

Each service is presented as an Exec Summary presentation deck with the detail in an appendix. We will walk you through the stages of the service as well as the final presentation deck.

If you want to deploy all the services we would provide everything in one deck with an Exec Summary so that it flows end to end.

How much do the Growth Accelerator services cost?

Each of the services is priced separately and is dependent on scope, every business is different but based on our experience we can provide a figure pretty quickly over the phone.

Why not Contact us today and we’ll set up a time for a call to provide you with a better understanding of what’s involved, what you’ll get and how much it is likely to cost based on what you tell us you and the business needs. Like we said earlier there’s no hard sell.


Contact us if you have further questions