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Ecommerce Growth Toolkit

Marketing Effectiveness.

Learn how to analyse your marketing effectiveness. We have built a marketing traffic analysis tool, which allows us to understand what traffic is converting and what traffic is unprofitable.

How we analyse your traffic to enable Marketing Effectiveness

– Do you know which of your paid campaigns are unprofitable?

– Do you know what to focus on to make your traffic more profitable?

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Understand the marketing effectiveness of your visitors to your website

Step 1 – Get the data

We get access to your Google Analytics and evaluate your marketing effectiveness by looking at the performance of your traffic against its cost. We take your website traffic and see the performance year on year.

Step 2 – Understand the impact

We look at your traffic by source, by device and by campaign (for paid traffic). This allows us to go into detail and identify the things which are costing you money. We can then identify how you can improve your marketing effectiveness.

Step 3 – Identify the areas of opportunity

We benchmark your websites marketing effectiveness and make recommendations with specific things you need to do to resolve the problem. The recommendations are based on the lost revenue opportunity, to ensure you focus on the things which will have the biggest impact.

How we measure your website’s traffic effectiveness

Using your Google Analytics data, we are able to diagnose your marketing effectiveness by analysing your traffic. Below are 6 examples of what we are able to find and sample recommendations.

TASK: Summarise year on year performance.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Overall which of my KPIs have changed and where do I need to focus?

marketing effectiveness

TASK: Identify the Quick Win opportunities.

SAMPLE QUESTION: I have so many channels, what should I fix first within a specific channel?

marketing effectiveness

TASK: Benchmark your channels by device.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Which of my channels are costing me money and what do I need to fix now?

marketing effectiveness

TASK: Understand visitor buying behaviour.

SAMPLE QUESTION: What is the best time of day and day of week to get desktop traffic?

marketing effectiveness

TASK: Diagnose your paid social channels

SAMPLE QUESTION: What do I use Facebook for and how does this differ from Instagram?

marketing effectiveness

TASK: Evaluate paid search campaign behaviour.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Which budget should I move to drive awareness vs. sales?

marketing effectiveness

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