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Marketing Spend, Budgeting and Forecasting Report

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Marketing Spend

Marketing spend is a big deal.

How marketers approach forecasting and budgeting, marketing spend and performance, including return on investment (ROI), benchmarking, and specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics.

In order to win, marketers need to own the forecast and budget, and set a variety of benchmarks, continually analysing, adjusting, improving and investing.

Despite the efficiency and flexibility offered by forecasting marketing spend – and, increasingly, ‘zero-based budgeting’ – there is still a large gap between those that forecast properly and those that are just being handed budget to spend.


The report (in association with London Research) contains recommendations for businesses seeking to improve their marketing budgeting and spend, and looks at

  • Forecasting and allocation,
  • Evaluation and allocation,
  • Performance and ROI,
  • Benchmarking and attribution
  • Recommendations.


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