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Creating the agile organisation to get things done

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How do you create an agile organisation to get things done?

Organisations we have worked with are more and more frustrated with the inability to gets projects completed. It seems as if there is a need to plan and discuss projects and by the time this has happened the opportunity for test and learn has passed.

Here at Crank we are able to identify what needs to be focused on first to achieve the maximum return.

We take your data and look at areas which are under performing and then provide you with a to do list.

However there is no point in us giving businesses a to do list if they are unable to action the recommendations.

So what is the ideal team structure?

I thought I would start with the customer. I love the idea of the customer director and being a big fan of Geoffrey Moore’s Crossing the Chasm I thought his concept of creating a competitive advantage by understanding your customers is essential. One of the initiatives looks at


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when to use funnels

WTF What the fu. . .nnel and when to use funnels

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When to use funnels

We all seem to be obsessed with funnels talking about them and using them to make big decisions within our business. But when should we use a funnel? They have a role to understand where a business is trending; however they are useless at understanding what needs to be fixed.

At Crank we create funnels to build out a profile of business health, but we don’t just rely on the funnel to provide the answers.

As a for instance let’s take time, we like to look at ‘like for like’ time periods.

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Should I bother with the extra work?

Should I bother with the extra work?

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When is perfect not good enough?

As marketers we are striving to select the best audience, timing, channel to allow us to get the best results. Sometimes we can focus too much on getting everything perfect. So why should I bother with the extra work?

Instead, why wouldn’t we just do things which are nearly there and learn by doing rather than over-analysing?

This is not about doing less or being slapdash, but more about thinking about when you need to go the extra step to make the campaign profitable.

We all are aware of the 80/20 rule whereby we try to get 80% of the value from 20% of our audience. However with more and more data, and ways of accessing and analysing this data, it seems as if paralysis by analysis has set in and we are unable to act quickly.

In fact why wouldn’t we apply the 80/20 again and get 80% of the way there in 20% of the time? This way it might not be the most perfect analytical model for selecting an audience but at least we would have created a campaign, which is still targeted, and it would have gone out quickly to our customers. We can then learn from what worked and didn’t work.

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Prioritising and to do lists

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Prioritising your to-do lists for digital marketing and ecommerce, not just for you, but for your team are a must. I came across this post the other day on Linkedin, where Richard Branson of Virgin was talking about the culture of to-do-lists at Virgin and said

I can confidently state that our culture of notes and thoughtful to-do-lists has made Virgin what it is today.

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Prioritising your Ecommerce tasks

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Prioritising your ecommerce tasks, yeah everyone has a method, don’t they? But with growth asked for each and every day, with less budget and more and more Ecommerce initiatives being proposed how can we possibly choose where to start? How can any organisation realistically go about prioritising ecommerce tasks?

Can we really get buy in from our business and ensure we are all focused on the same tasks and prioritising ecommerce tasks that are best for the organisation?

Coming up with solutions has never been the problem but choosing what to do first has been.

prioritising your ecommerce tasks

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