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Where’s the magical customer experience button?

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What is customer experience?

I recently met up with a marketing agency where we discussed the customer experience.

We both agreed this was the vision and the thing we needed to achieve however when we then went into more detail it became apparent we had a different idea of what the customer experience was.

I wanted to know what we would be creating. A new process, a newly design online experience or new messaging?

The answer that came back was, we are going to create the “best customer experience”.

It became apparent to me there was an expectation that the technology was going to magically deliver the best customer experience without really defining what the customer experience was.

I come across this a lot and often find it amusing that the customer experience is seen as this magic “thing” which can be switched on. From here it is assumed the experience is now officially on, without trying to understand the customer problem we are trying to solve.

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