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Ecommerce Growth Toolkit

Visual Merchandising.

Identify why your visitors are not able to find the right product.  We have built a visual merchandising analysis tool, which allows us to interrogate your websites data to understand how to make your website more relevant to your visitors.

How we analyse your visual merchandising

– Does your website have a generic experience for all visitors?

– Do you have low product view rates or do visitors struggle to find products on your website?

ecommerce growth
Understand the impact your content has had on visitors

Step 2 – Understand the impact

We evaluate the different visitor types by device, source of traffic and location to understand what different products, price or categories they prefer.

Step 3 – Identify the areas of visual Merchandising opportunity

We identify the potential of personalising products on your website. We do this by ranking the different product merchandising recommendations, based on the revenue impact they could have.

How we identify the visual merchandising opportunity of your website.

Using your data from Google Analytics, we are able to analyse visual merchandising and highlight any changes. Below are 4 examples of typical questions we are asked and what changes we recommend.

TASK: Understand visual merchandising opportunity.

SAMPLE QUESTION: Looking by device, what things do I need to optimise first?

visual merchandising

TASK: Evaluate highest grossing categories by device

SAMPLE QUESTION: What categories sell well on mobile vs desktop vs tablet?

visual merchandising

TASK: Understand popular products by device

SAMPLE QUESTION: Which products are popular mobile and what should I show first?

visual merchandising

TASK: Review price points by device

SAMPLE QUESTION: What are my customers willing to pay on mobile for each category?

visual merchandising

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