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Your Number’s Up!
Getting a grip on Data and Measurement to accelerate
your Direct to Consumer ecommerce sales


What people are saying about Your Number's Up!

“…Ben guides readers through digital measurement maturity to rally the entire organization around what matters, better outcomes for customers and driving meaningful business growth.”

Brian Solis
Global Innovation Evangelist Salesforce, and author of LifeSCALE

“Who knew data & analytics could be interesting? The guys at Crank not only make it exciting, but actionable… and they’ve helped us make a lot of money (and have a lot of laughs) in the process. Get the book, read it and do what it says… it works.”

Victoria Betts
Chief Commercial Officer,

About the book

Every business should have a very clear understanding of its ‘Contribution from Digital’ number. This book is aimed at those who work in direct to consumer (DTC) digital who are involved in or have responsibility for an ecommerce website.

We want to empower those new to ecommerce with what is possible to measure and how this can make a big difference to your ecommerce website’s performance.

For those experienced in ecommerce, we wanted to provide you with a list of metrics and to help you present the right information to your leadership so they take notice, not just another report!

For those who are new to digital, here is your reference manual for measuring your business. It outlines the metrics you need to be looking at, what they mean and how your can take action from them.

Foreword by Avinash Kaushik

A blessing of the digital ecosystem for business leaders is the staggering amount of data it throws off (whether you like it or not!). It allows us to understand our customers like never before, to deeply understand near-real-time effectiveness of our acquisition efforts (SEO or Email or Television), and the business outcomes being delivered. This blessing can sometimes seem like a curse because it feels like you are only half-a-step away from being overwhelmed by data and not being able to separate signal from noise.

This is why I’m so excited about this wonderful book from Ben, Peter, Tim and Jessica. Through inspired use of accessible language, simple graphics, and intelligent frameworks, they break down the opportunity in front of us into easy to execute steps. My recommendation is to jump to a fast start by using the detailed Metrics Guide, and make immediate gains. Then, gain a competitive edge via the strategic thinking prompted by the Ecommerce Measurement Maturity framework and the 7-Steps to Move from Analysis to Action. Glory awaits.  : )

Avinash Kaushik
Author: Web Analytics 2.0, Web Analytics: An Hour A day.
Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google.


Full of actionable material

We have created a number of tools in Your Number’s Up! to help you understand, measure and grow your ecommerce business.
These include:
  • Defining your digital measurement maturity
  • 4 x Cheat sheets for improving your ecommerce measurement
  • A full glossary of over 60 metrics, understand what they mean and why they are important
  • Practical scenarios for diagnosing your ecommerce website
  • Common campaign measurement mistakes and challenges and how to overcome them

This book is split into 2 parts

Your Number’s Up! book has been written as a guide and reference.
Our goal is to help people and to educate those in digital to get the most from their data.

We wanted to make a list of every metric, so people have a reference to understand what the metric (and the acronym meaning) without being embarrassed to ask in a meeting.

There are a lot of theoretical books on ecommerce and many on technology but very few on digital measurement.

Given measurement is the one area which gives you a competitive advantage and insight into how your competitors are performing we thought it was about time to lift the lid on all the information available in ecommerce, to help you measure your business.


Is the theory around measurement in ecommerce. We start by helping you understand your measurement maturity. We then move on to defining the metrics you should be monitoring at your level of maturity aligned to an outcome.

We finish part 1 with a guide to organising your team to be more action rather than report orientated, so your analysis isn’t stuck in someone’s inbox but is actioned and changing behaviour on your ecommerce site.


Is the practice of bringing to life real-world examples and the key elements you need to ensure measurement is a key function in your business. Here we explore benchmarking to help you understand how your performance is changing over time and how this compares to your competition.

We then explore some real-world examples and how you can identify a solution by looking at metrics. We finish with the cornerstone of any campaign the often overlooked UTM code, how this should be used to ensure your traffic is correctly classified.

your number's up
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Want to learn more?

Watch our 3-minute video to learn more about the book and what’s inside.

Every business should have a very clear understanding digital revenue as a percentage of total revenue.

This book is aimed at those who work in direct to consumer digital businesses who are involved in or have responsibility for an ecommerce website.

We want to give teams the knowledge they need to better understand the performance of their ecommerce business by measuring outcomes such as revenue and cost per acquisition, rather than only volume metrics such as visitors, views or clickthrough rate.

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