4 Levels of Measurement for Ecommerce Maturity


A short guide to the 4 Levels of Measurement for Ecommerce Maturity. Taken from the book Your Numbers Up! also available here.

We’ve highlighted what this looks like in practice and identified what you will be able to record at each level and provide a checklist to ensure your measurement isn’t blinding your insight.

The four levels include:

  • Traffic visibility
  • Transactional visibility
  • Shopping visibility
  • Engagement visibility

See also the accompanying short guide the Roadmap for Ecommerce Measurement maturity, which guides you through how to improve your ecommerce measurement.

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We’ve created four levels of ecommerce measurement maturity to help you understand your current level and what you need to do to progress. 

Each of these levels outlines what type of insight and measures you will be able to record in your ecommerce business.

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