Roadmap for Ecommerce Measurement Maturity


This guide will give you a roadmap to improve your ecommerce measurement. Taken from our book Your Number’s Up!

We look at the 4 different areas in your business which is impact by measurement and what you need to do to improve your ecommerce measurement maturity.

The four areas which are covered include:

  • Customer
  • Brand
  • Business
  • Evaluation

See also the accompanying short guide the 4 levels of ecommerce measurement maturity, which guides you through the different levels of ecommerce measurement and determine what level you are at.

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There are four key areas of ecommerce measurement that every digital businesses should be focusing on.

We’ve grouped these areas by maturity to create a roadmap. You will be able see what the more mature levels are doing and identify where you are today.

By understanding where you have established capability vs poor capability you’ll be able to see the changes you can make to improve your current ecommerce measurement maturity level. This will improve your insight and therefore your ability to growth.

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