The Measurement Glossary


This detailed guide has over 50 pages to help you decipher all those buzzwords and metrics which are thrown around in ecommerce. It is taken from the book Your Numbers Up! also available here.

We help you understand the most important to least important metrics, focusing on outcomes first such as revenue and finishing with volume metrics such as visits or sessions.

We have split out each of the metrics into the 4 levels of ecommerce measurement maturity.

We have also identified owners in your business for each metric, what they mean and how you can gain insight from what the metric is telling you.

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 This is the in depth view of all the metrics you need to know about in ecommerce.

This comprehensive guide will look at the metrics, what they mean, who the owners are and what action you can take from the metric. It also includes which metrics is included inside Google Analytics and which ones need to be created.

Each metric is broken down by 4 different ecommerce measurement maturity levels. This way you are not overwhelmed with a lot of metrics and have the ones which matter most to your level of maturity.

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