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Struggling with all the metrics and data in ecommerce then this is the book for you.

– We want to empower those new to ecommerce, to illustrate the potential measurement has and how this can make a big difference to your ecommerce website’s performance.
– For those experienced in ecommerce, we wanted to provide you with a list of metrics and to help you present the right information to your leadership so they take notice

Book Highlights
We want people who read this book to understand the importance of measurement, how it can point you in the right direction and you grow your ecommerce revenue. In the book we have outlined:

– 4 different levels of digital measurement maturity and checklists on how to improve
– The specific metrics aligned to maturity and job role in the organisation
– How to organise your team to measure and action your data
– Learn to build your digital benchmark
– Understand how to diagnose trading and campaign performance

We want people to create a culture of measurement, and think about measurement before any project starts and not after the website has gone live.
Every day measurement is not in place, you are completely blind to what your website visitors are doing.
Act now to learn the actions to generate more profit.

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Every business should have a very clear understanding of its ‘Contribution from Digital’ number. This book is aimed at those who work in direct-to-consumer (DTC) digital and are involved in or have responsibility for an ecommerce website.

We want to empower those new to ecommerce with what is possible to measure and how this can make a big difference to your ecommerce website’s performance.

For those experienced in ecommerce, we wanted to provide you with a list of metrics and to help you present the right information to your leadership so they take notice, not just another report!

For those who are new to digital, here is your reference manual for measuring your business. It outlines the metrics you need to be looking at, what they mean and how you can take action from them.

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9 reviews for Your Number’s Up!

  1. Cai T

    Having been in the marketing sector for 15 years now, it is always great to read something new and exciting, rather than the usual repurposed drivel. This is perhaps one of the best books I have read on data driven marketing, which is saying something! I hope they bring out a part 2 very soon! The sheer number of refereneced senior marketing leaders who have contributed to this book shows that is will be well informed from page 1!

  2. Ian H

    As an advertising creative, understanding data, and measurement is key.
    There’s no point doing great work if you don’t know if it works or not?
    This book gives fantastic insight and context to the importance of building a culture of measurement in business, that will be the cornerstone of driving growth.
    Brilliantly written, and accessible.
    Makes data totally cool.

  3. Alice

    I run a digital agency and we build, manage and run campaigns for many ecommerce clients. This book is an excellent resource for my campaign teams to ensure we AND our client always think measurement first. Loads of practical advice, love the benchmarking and it’s easy to go back to time and again. It’s so important to show the success of the work we do and we can only do that if we measure properly. Highly recommend!

  4. Phil

    As someone who has worked in marketing for over 30 years, I have seen the rise of digital and the massive amounts of data it has created. I have witnessed teams who are baffled and unsure where they need to focus. This book is really accessible to us non-data geeks and visually explains why data and measurement in digital are important. The first half has the theory and the second half has the practice, with practical examples, tips and tricks and dispels some of the biggest digital marketing industry’s myths.

  5. Neil

    This book is wonderfully produced and there were lots of really pragmatic examples and models that made it really actionable. Data and measurement can be quite a dry subject but the authors have done a great job at really making it fun and useful to read. I learned a lot!

  6. mike

    Full of really insightful information – but very easy to understand. Every marketer should have one. I learnt a great deal

  7. Michael

    This book is your measurement bible, it is constantly by my desk for reference and the visuals within the book help get the message of the authors across and serve as great inspiration – It is like the WFH colleague, you can bounce ideas off

  8. Nick

    As a founder of a sustainable D2C product business, having more clarity around our data and how we can leverage it to move the business forwards is vital. This book is packed full of valuable insights and context. Ben Salmon is a true expert in the field, a must read for anyone involved in eCommerce!

  9. Tim

    Clear, concise and packed full of useful best practice and tools you can use. A great companion guide for anyone looking for actionable insights for their e-commerce operations

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